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Reclaim Mallorca is a global lifestyle brand focused on handcrafted sustainable luxury bags and accessories.

Reclaiming natural fibre, heritage fabrics, via timeless designs for an authentic sustainable lifestyle.

One-of-a-kind, high quality, handmade, up-cycled products, designed to last.

When Reclaim first launched in 2009, the two largest industry polluters in the world, were the fossil fuel and apparel industries. Reclaim was created with a very clear goal in mind: build a globally recognised, sustainable luxury brand, and fund the creation of a reforestation foundation.

The most urgent challenge facing the human race, is a drastic reduction of CO2 (both emissions and existing atmospheric). We support local beekeeping, rewilding & reforestation via Project Equilibri and global atmospheric CO2 sequestration, via Global Thermostat.




The brand produces two collections annually with styles being added to the line as and when, we feel we have something else, worthy of sharing with the world. Our full production process takes place on the island of Mallorca employing local, talented craftspeople. We believe in keeping our workers happy, whatever that may take.


That happiness and love for their work, shines out of our products. 


All of our packaging is paper based, produced either from recycled sources or FSC forests.