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Fashion Has a Waste Problem  

Reclaim Has a Beautiful Solution  

We are pioneers in authentic sustainable luxury goods.  
Reclaim Mallorca is a purpose led, lifestyle brand, focused on handcrafted luxury bags and accessories. We create one-off, high quality products, designed to last.

Our History   

When Reclaim first launched in 2009, the largest industry polluters in the world were the fossil fuel and fashion industries. We set out with a very clear goal in mind: create unique & beautiful products that do no harm to people or planet and redirect the profits to help restore the balance of the ecosystem.  


Our Raw Materials   

Textile production produces an estimated 1.2 billion tons of CO2 and consumes 79 billion cubic meters of fresh water annually. Perfectly good fabrics are discarded or incinerated. Eighty-five percent of textiles go into landfills each year, creating huge amounts of toxins and greenhouse gases. That’s enough to fill the Sydney harbour annually.  
Through textile recovery we avoid the production of new fabrics, therefore the impact is the lowest. Based on estimates from a Florida State University study, Reclaim helps conserve up to 20,000 litres of water for every tote bag we produce.  


Collage of Reclaim's antique fabrics.


Our raw materials are repurposed, natural fibre, antique textiles and high-end fabric surplus. We work with a number of distributors who sell us fabrics from:  

  • European antique dealers & estate sales 
  • Cashmere production surplus from Milan, Italy 
  • Companies collecting textile surplus & deadstock from European brands  


Our leather comes from repurposed horse tack and production surplus. This discarded leather is destined for landfill, but we keep it in the circular life cycle through our products. We collect from: 

  • Horse stables in Mallorca 
  • Our founder Sarah’s family estate in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales 
  • Production surplus leather from our textile partners  

Waxed Canvas  

Our unique waxed canvas collection is made with an incredible partner that makes canvas out of 100% recycled street trash. This organisation works in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan; within undervalued communities to create a sustainable income for the inhabitants, whilst transforming their concept of waste.

Employees collect trash from the streets, ensuring it never ends up in a landfill or the ocean. It is then broken down into tiny pellets that they weave into a thread to make a beautiful waxed canvas. In addition to Reclaim, this company works with Ralph Lauren, Timberland, and other premier fashion brands.  


All of our packaging is paper based, produced either from recycled sources or FSC forests. Our production partner, Esment Foundation, is based locally in Mallorca.  


Our Production   

Production takes place in Mallorca at our own atelier, a converted 19th century shoe factory, that we renovated and moved into three years ago. We have a fantastic team of talented, local, women who lead the production of our products.

We’re committed to change in the fashion industry, so we collaborate with top, global luxury brands to turn their production surplus into exclusive collections for them. This helps us bring sustainability to large brands who want to be more sustainable, but have to change slowly due to the quantities they need on a daily basis.  


CO2 Reduction   

The most urgent challenge facing the human race is a drastic reduction of CO2 (both emissions and existing atmospheric). Reclaim supports local beekeeping, rewilding & reforestation via Project Equilibri and global atmospheric CO2 sequestration, via Global Thermostat.

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