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From Doom and Gloom to Hope and ACTION: Shifting Our Perspective on Climate Change

Posted on August 11 2023

From Doom and Gloom to Hope and ACTION: Shifting Our Perspective on Climate Change

A Call To Arms For Innovative Solutions

by  Sarah Rennison Gwynne-Harris

Founder of Reclaim Mallorca.

The one big gap in mainstream climate reporting, is the much needed focus shift from problem to solution.

Whilst this shift does not really fit into the current, ¨Divide and conquer with fear¨ agenda, it is the most important mindset shift we can make - As a global collective of human beings, sharing the same home planet- In solving the very real issues that are now upon us.

The Earth is what we all have in common.
- Wendell Berry

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our times. It is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the constant barrage of distressing news 

However, we must remember that dwelling on the doom and gloom serves little purpose if it does not lead to action.

It's time to switch our climate focus to action.

Current reporting is obsessed with emissions and emission reduction. While we remain stuck on this path, we are missing the biggest opportunity for immediate results. 

To address the root of the challenge, we must begin with existing atmospheric CO2


I want you to imagine the world as a giant bathtub, with the taps stuck in the on position -CO2 emissions- and overflowing.

What would you do if you were standing next to this bathtub and unable to turn off the tap..?

Obviously you would pull out the plug. 

Now what if I were to tell you that that stream of water -CO2- flowing down the drain holds the key to solving the climate challenge as well as boosting the global economy. 

There is a VAST market opportunity for CO2 - Think carbonated beverages, synthetic fuels, greenhouses, refrigerants, metal production, hospitals, fire extinguishers ...and the list goes on.

We don't have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment.
- Dennis Weaver

The movement for direct air capture (DAC tech) begin over 15 yrs with a small group of brilliant minds in science and economics. They single handedly created the technology that can pull humanity back from the brink of complete destruction. 

And yet this tech remains still elusively absent from accepted mainstream solutions. 

So what, I hear you ask can be done..?

FUNDING, FUNDING, FUNDING and legislation, that allows fast track adoption of this solution. 

Private and public sector companies collaborating to implement and scale DAC technology as fast as humanly possible. 

Before you come after me about nature based solutions - In which I am an active participant- I ask you to consider this.

Nature based solutions have been implemented since at least the 1950´s and yet we are still not solving the challenge. 

It´s like throwing a huge house party and expecting someone else to clean up your mess. 

Nature can not do it alone, first we have to clean up our own mess and give nature space to breathe & rejuvenate.

The Power of Solutions 

Shifting the focus to solutions can empower us all. It gives us hope, inspiration, and a sense of agency. It allows us to move from the role of passive observers, constantly bombarded with dire predictions, to active participants who can contribute to positive change. 

Firstly, we must familiarise ourselves with the existing solutions to climate change. From renewable energy sources to carbon capture technologies, from sustainable farming practices to green building designs – the list of innovative and effective solutions is long and constantly growing. The more we know about these solutions, the better equipped we are to support and advocate for them. 

Supporting and Implementing Existing Solutions 

Secondly, once we are aware of the solutions that are available, we can start applying them in our own lives and communities.

This could be as simple as choosing renewable energy providers for our homes, reducing our consumption, recycling more, or planting trees. Every action counts. 

Advocating for New Solutions 

Finally, we need to push for more innovative solutions, such as direct air capture to become mainstream solutions.

This involves advocating for more research and development in climate-related fields, supporting policies that promote sustainable practices, and demanding that the 100 corporations responsible for 71% of emissions take responsibility and action around their environmental impact.  Remember, your voice can make a difference. 

Shifting our focus from doom to solution doesn't mean ignoring the reality of climate change. Instead, it means acknowledging the gravity of the problem while taking concrete steps to address it. It's about moving from despair to action, from fear to hope.

Let's make this shift together, for the sake of ourselves and future generations.


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